What is Checkout Zen Score™?

Effective management of the checkout experience is a non-trivial undertaking. There are too many data points to track and analyze. Even harder is to determine reference points to measure what risks you have in your checkout funnel. 

A Checkout Zen Score™ is a two-digit index that scientifically quantifies the performance of your checkout funnel. It’s based on the data collected on your eCommerce site and anonymized meta data collected across all other sites using the app.

You can think of a Checkout Zen Score™ as a summary of your checkout funnel KPIs. It measures how many shoppers are abandoning their online shopping carts, how many shoppers started the checkout process, how many made purchases, and the ratio of shoppers that are using digital payment methods for ‘accelerated checkout’ and a difference in cart abandonment rates between shoppers using mobile and desktop devices.

Not only does a Checkout Zen Score™ help eCommerce brands make smarter, quicker decisions about checkout funnel management, it also helps eCommerce professionals and executives get informed and fast access to market benchmarks and insights. Because Checkout Zen™ checkout scores are calculated based on an eCommerce site’s own data, merchants have the ability to influence their score by taking data driven actions.

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