How checkout scoring helps your eCommerce site

Checkout scores give eCommerce brands a fast and objective measurement of the checkout funnel performance. Before the use of scoring, the checkout data analysis and decision making process could be slow, inconsistent and inaction biased.

Checkout scores – especially Checkout Zen Score™, the checkout score used by a large community of merchants – have made big improvements in the checkout funnel optimization process. Because of checkout scores:

  • Merchants can get instant access to data.
    Scores are instantly available and continuously updated, helping merchants simplify and speed up decision-making process. After seeing the score merchants can make decisions within minutes. No need for checkout funnel data. Scoring also allows retail stores, Internet sites and other merchants to make “instant credit” decisions.
  • Business decisions are data informed.
    Using checkout scoring, eCommerce practitioners can focus only on the facts related to checkout performance, rather than their personal opinions or hunches. Factors like your industry, product type, age of business, geography and previous performance are not considered by checkout scoring.
  • eCommerce Teams are empowered and agile.
    If your storefront has had poor checkout performance in the past, checkout scoring doesn’t let that haunt you forever. Past checkout problems fade as time passes and as recent improvement patterns show up on your checkout dashboard.
  • Online revenues are growing.
    Online merchants who use checkout scoring can action more improvements, because checkout scoring gives them more precise information on which to base checkout optimization decisions. It allows merchants to identify experiences that are more likely to convert more customers in the future. The use of checkout scores gives merchants the confidence to make high-impact changes, since they have a better understanding of the problems they are solving.
  • Costs of optimization are lower overall.
    With better checkout performance, the ongoing cost of identifying and fixing conversion problems decreases. Automated checkout analytics, including checkout scoring, make the conversion rate optimization (CRO) process more efficient and less costly for merchants, who in turn build loyalty with their customers through better shopping experiences. And by improving checkout conversion rates using scoring, merchants can grow revenues overall.

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