Improve your Checkout Zen Score™

Checkout Zen™ is the eCommerce analytics app that enables eCommerce professionals to easily monitor and manage checkout performance KPIs.

Score Monitoring

Based on market and site specific data the checkout score indicates how well the checkout funnel is performing.

To helps with understanding of which area of checkout funnel should be improved first the score is supplemented by information about performance of individual KPIs .

Taking Actions

Based on actual data, Checkout Zen™ automatically recommends what types of actions should be taken:

  • Detect: behind the scene Checkout Zen™ will process site data to discover insights that warrant user’s attention while making actionable recommendations;
  • Fix: based on the best practices and associated apps Checkout Zen™ will recommend active measures for the improvement of the checkout experience;
  • Learn: best checkout optimization practices are continually evolving – Checkout Zen™ will from time to time share links to relevant content pieces to grow user’s expert knowledge.

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