How City Grounds Pivoted 100% Online During a Pandemic and Tapped Shopify Growth (4X Revenue per Visit in First 42 Days)


Jack and team were looking to leverage hyper-personalized merchandising, especially once their business went fully-online with Shopify Plus, after their brick and mortar closed during the pandemic. City Groundsa pioneer of the urban cycling lifestyle – is known for its sophisticated brand and the team pay close attention to the experience of their online storefront. 

It was important for them to display product recommendations that stayed true to their brand and theme. Additionally, they wanted to surface products based on selections made by each individual shopper.


The initial results were extremely strong: 350%+ increase in revenue per visit (RPV) in the first 6 weeks. But, for a store with over 40,000 products, Jack quickly required a more tailored solution. Shoppers needed to properly engage with the site to reach their personal choice. 

While search and filtering may lead a visitor to an area of the store or whittle down to a type of product, dynamic recommendations can showcase more than one product to a potential customer. Shoppers could make informed choices and continue to engage with other products on the site.

While City Grounds was redesigning their site, we were busy upping our game, adding new features, and fine-tuning algorithms. This meant City Grounds integrated personalized merchandising with their brand collections during their redesign. From recommending related items, (i.e. pedals that matched the bike) to curated collections, all dynamically generated per visitor, while staying true to their brand and theme.

Next part of Jack’s vision includes maximizing their site redesign – increasing new-visitor engagement to grow influenced revenue and battle cart abandoners.

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