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How Genius Books Beats Amazon at Their Own Game… on Shopify! (Ramping Rev per Visit by 340% In 30 Days)


Steven, Genius Books‘ founder, desired a way to invigorate product discovery on his Shopify store. Attracting buyers to his site was no problem. His problem was visiting audiences weren’t connecting with the incredible stable of authors and genre literature he was merchandising. Shopify growth was stagnant.

By his own admission, when he came across Obviyo (formerly HiConversion) in the Shopify app store – he couldn’t believe his eyes. Having built his publishing business on the back on Amazon’s marketplace, he always knew his sales came with a “hidden tax”. We’re talking the sizable commission Amazon takes each time he sells a book. But, Steven also recognized the power of how Amazon was always able to get his products in front of a captive, ready to buy audience. From his point of view, the act of product discovery is the business of publishing.

Learning Obviyo had partnered with Amazon to bring their product recommendation AI to Shopify, he jumped at the chance try it. He subsequently told us having this app installed was like having access to “Amazon’s battle plans”.


Steven and his team quickly got their hands dirty with the app, and deployed a dozen recommendations – effectively reimagining the entire homepage as a living, breathing personalized recommender. Within the first 30-days, 16.7% of all sales could be attributed to Obviyo’s personalized recommendations. That is to say, each individual visitor now coming from their marketing campaigns saw a much broader, tailored curation of authors and titles.

With his new growth engine in place, Steven saw his revenue per visitor – the way to measure the dollar value of site traffic – go up a whopping 340%. Visitors weren’t just engaging more, more visitors were buying.

Steven has been a delight to collaborate with, and his enthusiasm as an early adopter has been an inspiration to our team.

“This! This is the app I had been waiting for! [Obviyo gives me] access to Amazon’s recommendation engine without having to be part of the Amazon ecosystem. It recommends MY products to MY customers, and WE make the revenues. No commission to the 1,000 pound gorilla, Amazon. Over the last 30 days we’ve made 16.7% of our revenues from having Obviyo running on our site. If you’re thinking of adding this app, DO IT. It’s worth it. Also, the development team is highly responsive, and the business managers are friendly, easily accessible, and helpful. This app is top notch.”

Steven Booth, Founder & CEO at Genius Books

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