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How Latico Leathers Engaged New Visitors with Personalized, Intent-Based Product Recommendations (And Increased Conversions 393% In 90 Days)

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Latico Leathers really needed a solution for product discovery on their Shopify store. They were stuck on what solution to choose, but HiConversion’s recently launched product recommendation app seemed like a no brainer to at least try. After-all, it came powered by Amazon Personalize – the exact same machine learning algorithms driving recommendations across

They also did not recommend nearly any products and relied on the site’s limited navigation for shoppers to find new products.


Early results show a whopping 509% increased engagement for visitors who interacted with recommended products. Influencing a 446% increase of revenue per visit (RPV) for shoppers who engaged with recommended products over 3 month period.

Latico Leathers has a highly active segment of visitors who are browsing and interacting with recommendations (we might assume they are researching and comparing items). This behavior is driving new conversions from higher up the funnel – homepage, category, and product pages. All this gives Ben and team actionable intelligence for showcasing even more personalized product recommendations across these pages.

Line chart comparing personalized product recommendations impact on revenue vs non-personalized experiences
Latico Leathers's live report showing revenue per visit increases from using HiConversion personalized product recommendations.
Ben Schreiber

“Jared, Pascal, and the whole HiConversion team has been great from onboarding, to getting our website optimized and supporting us every step of the way. Most importantly, this app is responsible for a triple-digit increase in our conversion rate. So yeah, we definitely recommend HiConversion”

Ben Schreiber, Head of Marketing at Latico Leathers & Founder, Digital Marketing Agency Brand Caffeine

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