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How Lilly Lashes Unlocked New Buyers from Their Existing Traffic (Revenue per Visit up 572% in Three Months)

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Kristina has an extensive background in running eCommerce stores. When joining Lilly Lashes, she quickly noticed the challenges of selling visually similar products. Their manual merchandising was causing friction in the shopping experience as visitors tried to find relevant products. To help she began researching data-driven, automated personalization solutions and connected with the HiConversion team via the Shopify Plus Certified App Program.

We helped Kristina validate the idea of using session-based, personalized product recommendations (the same AI used on

Consequently, we deployed a portfolio of recommendations across her site – from homepage to checkout and cart – enabling a dynamic, ultra-relevant product discovery experience for shoppers.


As a result, engagement and time on site went way up (a leading indicator of intent to buy), and the value of every visitor entering the site increased 572% from before. Cart abandonment is also down by up to 10% for those who engage with recommended products.

Kristina has since referred HiConversion Recommend to other brands in her network.

Lilly Lashes' live report showing revenue per visit increases from using HiConversion personalized product recommendations.
Kristina Burbich, VP eCommerce at Lilly Lashes

“HiConversion Recommend has been one of the best AI product recommendation solutions we have deployed. We are already seeing the significant positive impact on key metrics like; RPV, conversion rate, average order value, and time on site. HiConversion has been wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable, helpful & an extra asset if you have a smaller team.”

– Kristina Burbich , VP eCommerce

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