How National Roper’s Supply Influences 25% of All Purchases With Personalized Merchandising


NRS (National Roper’s Supply) is the premier Western store in the US, with thousands of products in their catalog. Brent’s ecommerce vision was to connect deeper with visitors as they came and browsed their Shopify powered storefront.

Specifically at the product detail page level, and if possible, further engage shoppers inside the cart and checkout with relevant, inspiring product suggestions (we’re talking upsells and cross-sells).


During the first 10 days of using Obviyo, NRS saw a 423%+ conversion rate increase for visitors who engaged with recommendations. This showed the team customers were engaging with hyper-personalized recommendations, leading them to connect with and purchase items of interest. Across the subsequent weeks and months, the recommenders compounded results – and at the time of writing – influence over 25% of all sales on NRS supported by 5x growth of revenue per visit (the dollar value of traffic moving through their store).

Brent’s mission moving forward will be to further tailor the shopping experience for each unique buying persona, to showcase dynamically curated brands and collections.

“I wanted to add more personalization to our company’s website to provide better product recommendations to my customers. I saw great results and continue to adjust to maximize the effectiveness of Obviyo.”

– Brent Allison, Vice President of Ecommerce at NRS

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