Automate your Shopify revenue growth

14-day free trial.


$195 /month

Up to 150,000 monthly page views.

 Essential recommendations

  Online support


$295 /month

Up to 250,000 monthly page views.

 All in Essential plan, plus

 Enhanced set of Growth Bots


$595 /month

Up to 500,000 monthly page views.

 All in Pro plan, plus

  powered by Amazon Personalize

Enterprise Brands

The larger the brand the higher the return on investment.
Ironically, the larger the brand, the less resources are available for Revenue Growth Automation.
That’s why we provide world class service ensuring a minimum increase in your team’s workload.


$1,495 /month

Up to 2,000,000 monthly page views – additional $40 per 50,000 page view overage.

 All in Growth plan, plus

 Dedicated success manager

Need a custom quote? Have special needs or questions? Let’s meet.


“The Obviyo growth automation platform powered by Amazon Personalize is a super powerful combination. It enabled us to stage personalized buying experiences on our Australian and New Zealand site, but more importantly, it empowered our teams to experiment and innovate how to best serve our customers while enhancing our brand image.”

– James Gill, Head of eCommerce Trade & Merchandising,


Frequently asked questions

Who is Obviyo for?

Obviyo is used by a wide range of brands, from small online stores to large ‘brick-and-mortar’ retailers with hundreds of stores.

Larger the brand higher the return on investment.

Generally speaking, Obviyo app is a must-have app for brands with more than 50 products and more than $1M in annual revenue.

Do you provide an initial onboarding assistance?

Yes, for merchants with more than 50 products and more than $1M in annual revenue.

Feel free to request the FREE onboarding assistance.

Our customer success team will help you with custom styling and answer any questions about product features or proper use of this app.

What should we be able to accomplish during the free trial?

You should be able to go live within 1-3 days. After only a few days of live use of the app you should get enough data to make an informed buying decision.

This is because Growth Bots are ready-to-go. All you have to do is select the ones you are interested in, preview them to make sure they appear on your site as expected, and press the button to go live. Just in case, our team is on standby, ready to assist with custom styling and configuration needs.

Are there any charges during the free trial?

There are no charges during the free trial.

At the end of the free trial, you will be notified and asked to select the right pricing plan for your brand. Then, after you, or authorized person in your organization, approves payments through the Shopify billing system, our monthly charges will start.

Which pricing plan is right for our brand?

You have two options.

Option #1: choose a pricing plan based on your store’s monthly page views.

Option #2: choose a pricing plan based on your need for advanced features or professional service assistance.

Why is your pricing based on monthly page views?

Our production cost is proportional to the number of page views since our app is driven by the live actions of your online store visitors. Each page view is a buying signal that is processed by our algorithms to generate highly personalized recommendations in real time.

Your benefit is that there are no surprises. We keep our cost constant relative to your pricing tier so you can use our app as much as you want and to gain as much revenue growth as possible, which is unlike similar solutions where the more you use their app the more it costs you.

Do you offer custom pricing plans?

Yes. In exchange for you committing to an annual pricing plan we are prepared to offer you a fixed monthly fee plan based on your current number of page views.

That way you will benefit from a custom price based on your specific page view volume and the annual plan discount. Additionally, we’ll keep your monthly cost the same as your number of page views continues to grow over time.

What is the payment schedule?

Unless differently defined by a custom pricing and billing plan, you will be subject to monthly payments through Shopify.

What is the additional workload for our ecommerce team?

Obviyo app’s purpose is to automate the most critical revenue generating functions of your Shopify store and to make your ecommerce team work smarter, not harder.

‘Smooth sailing’ starts once you complete the initial onboarding. Our Support team is on standby to assist during this initial phase.

Is our Shopify store data private and secure?

Your Shopify store data is yours and treated as secure confidential data. Please check our privacy and security policy.

Will your tag slow down our site?

No. Relative to your existing page load time, the impact is minimal.

How hard is it to remove Obviyo app from our store?

Not hard at all.

You have two options:

  1. Temporary removal: just disable our tag from within the Settings panel
  2. Permanent removal: disable our tag from within the Settings panel first, then remove Obviyo app from your Shopify admin panel

Note: if you only remove Obviyo app from your Shopify admin panel you will still leave our code active on your site.

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