How ‘Nordic Wholefoods’ Ruohonjuuri Inspires More First-Time Visitors to Buy (RPV up 870%+ in First Week)


Ruohonjuuri offers shoppers a diverse range of high quality, environmentally responsible, organic, and fair-trade products, from grocery to cosmetics.

To better serve customers in areas of Finland and Europe with no access to brick-and-mortar locations, or those simply shopping from home, Ruohonjuuri was in search of an product discovery solution (and had tried out a couple). The goal; to showcase their many offerings, while catering to their customers’ varying and real-time buying needs.

Collaborating with Europe’s top Shopify Plus agency, Woolman, Tiina (Head of Ecommerce) envisioned product recommendations that could adjust to a buyer’s current browsing, and if fitting, remember past purchases, one-click add-to-cart, show reviews, and dynamically adapt to sale prices.


An increase in results was almost immediate. After a week of using Obviyo, revenue per visitor (RPV) was up by 873%. Going further, we were curious about the long-term effect of Hyper-Personalization on Ruohonjuuri’s site.

Over the past six months, in lock-step with Tiina’s collaboration, we have added recommendation strategies right across the Home page to Confirmation page – the entire shopping path. Returning visitors and buyers are offered a different engagement experience compared to new visitors. Between June and November of 2021, Ruohonjuuri’s average RPV increased 669% percent, and visitor engagement with recommendations went from 1.4% to 5.2%, resulting in:

  • 530% conversion rate increase,
  • 21% average order value uptick, and
  • 13.5% abandoned carts reduction.

What’s fascinating, is the increase in revenue across that first 6-months from new shoppers on the site. 28.3% of all revenue during that period was due to new visitors engaging with recommendations, leading them to find something to purchase.

“We are using Obviyo to provide personalized product recommendations for our customers. The onboarding process was very smooth, and the team from Obviyo was very professional and helpful during the process. The results have been very promising after two months, and we hope to see even better results with fine-tuning the recommendations further.”

– Tiina Tuohi, Ecommerce Manager at Ruohonjuuri

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