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How Supplement Warehouse Influences 35% Of Shopify Sales with Personalized Product Recommendations (6x Revenue per Visit in 4 Weeks)

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Supplement Warehouse had tried several personalization and recommendation apps over the years, but none seemed to really hit the mark. Jeff shared with us, when their shoppers are choosing products, the right characteristics and categorization are super important to their purchasing decision – and upselling and cross-selling complementary products was an important growth driver for their business.

Knowing each visitors’ preference and need, at scale, night and day was an impossible task to achieve manually or with basic app. Upon hearing we bring Amazon’s own, self-learning recommendation algorithms to Shopify Plus, Jeff was interested to test it on their storefront.


One surprising insight from using personalized recommendations on product pages, was how Supplement Warehouse customers relied on other shoppers for confidence in choosing products.

For example, the personalized ‘Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed’ recommendation on the product pages alone delivers over 20% of total influenced sales each month.

Overall, Obviyo influences close to 35% of total online sales, using a wide range of personalized recommendation strategies. With revenue per visit (RPV) growing 530+% for engaged shoppers. Supplement Warehouse also referred Recommend to their other portfolio businesses.

Line chart showing revenue per visitor growth of product recommendations
Supplement Warehouse's live report showing revenue per visit increases from using HiConversion personalized product recommendations.
Jeff Moriarty, Marketing Strategist

“Within a few days of implementing this Recommend app, we saw a jump in sales and conversion rates. The support has been amazing and would highly recommend this to any business looking to get deeper into onsite personalization.”

– Jeff Moriarty, eCommerce Marketing Strategist

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