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How Synergee Fitness Recreated the Amazon Product Discovery Experience on Their Shopify Store (Boosting RPV by 545% in 60 Days)

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Joey and the Synergee Fitness team’s mission was to bring the best of their thriving Amazon Marketplace business to Shopify Plus and influence the shopping experience on their own domain.

Time-on-site and revenue captured from mobile shoppers lagged behind when compared to those shopping on desktop devices. More intriguingly, this phenomenon persisted despite mobile traffic being nearly twice that of desktop.

HiConversion Recommend caught their eye because it uses the same exact AI that personalizes A technology they had positive associations with. A hypothesis emerged: by increasing engagement with mobile shoppers, they would drive more new sales.


Synergee Fitness activated several recommendations across their site. Soon after they saw visitors who engaged with recommended products stayed almost 3x longer on the site than those who didn’t engage with recommended products.

And the longer mobile shoppers stay on the site, the higher probability they will find a product of interest and buy something. Resulting in an increase in RPV for mobile shoppers – going up by over 500%.

After the learnings from their dot com, Synergee Fitness also activated HiConversion for their Canadian domain.

line chart showing rev per visit increase
Synergee's live report showing revenue per visit increases from using HiConversion personalized product recommendations.
Photo of Joey Huneau, founder of Synergee

“This app might be too advanced for some stores because it is powered by Amazon’s own product recommendation technology. Once you go live, the reporting dashboard makes is easy to measure the overall impact of your campaigns. You’ll quickly see why they evangelize adding as many product recommendations as you can to your site! Great support team too, who seem to care about helping to customize our set-up”

– Joey Huneau, Founder

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