Bond with customers your way.

Create hyper-personalized shopping – accelerated revenue, expanded audiences, greater margins.

Powered by the same algorithms used on Amazon.


Why Customer Bonds?

You’re growing traffic from qualified sources – but your Shopify conversion rates stay low.

To beat low conversions, you probably…

  • Rely heavily on UX ‘best practices’.
  • Mimic your competitors, assuming they’ve figured it out.
  • Commit expensive redesigns.
  • Play the price-discount-promo game.
  • A/B test or personalize.
  • Try the latest, shiny Shopify app.
  • The list goes on.

The rise of mobile traffic, short attention spans, and endless choice is not helping either.

Customer Bonds.

We believed increasing conversion rates was the secret to Shopify growth.

Until we discovered a big untapped revenue opportunity on every Shopify store.

Truth is conversion rate optimization works with high ROI. Still, it’s only helping returning customers and visitors who are similar – up to 10% of your traffic.

What about 90% of your visitors who come from qualified sources but never connect with a product of interest?

That requires Customer Bond Building – adding layers of hyper-personalized content to create bonds (real-time connections) with wide varieties of shoppers having different product needs and preferences

Customer Bond Building empowers every team.

Conversion rate alternative for accelerating revenue growth.


Transform Shopify into a revenue and data flywheel.


Blend editorial and product content to create hyper-personalized shopping.


Effortlessly merchandise, manage lifecycles, and hit business goals.

Customer Bond Building works.

See how brands are growing revenue faster with Shopify x Obviyo.

Synergee fitness logo

545% revenue per visit lift in 14 days

‘Amazon-grade’ experience on Shopify Plus.


Supplement Warehouse logo

35% of total sales influenced in 30 days

Using hyper-personalized product recommendations.


Latico Leathers logo

393% more purchases onsite in 90 days

Using live, intent based product discovery.


Accelerate revenue growth from existing web traffic.


Your low conversion rate is the result of weak or non-existent ‘bonds’ with your visitors.

By creating new customer bonds – with content that adapts to visitor behavior in real-time – you’ll connect with more visitors and sell more products.



Differentiate your store with branded content.


Site redesigns are lengthy, expensive, and drag on your brand’s agility.


With Obviyo you can blend editorial content and dynamic product selections without coding – effortlessly building-bonds with new visitors.



Expand your market potential intelligently.


Shopify themes are designed to appeal to generic buyer personas with bias towards best-selling products.


With Obviyo customer bond building, you transform your Shopify store. Connect with broader buyer personas looking for deeper product options.



Improve your margins, lifetime value, and inventory management.


Passive management of your Shopify ecommerce results is not sustainable.


How about proactively adding business goals to your customer bond building program. You’ll deal with ‘lazy’ inventory to automate sales of products with higher profit margins.



Powered by Amazon’s hyper-personalization engine.


Integrating ‘Amazon Personalize’ – Amazon’s own product recommendation algorithms – means Obviyo can reach new heights of Customer Bond Building.


The hyper-personalized customer bond wasn’t just better; it took on a completely different quality — to continuously adapt to visitors in real time.



“Obviyo allows brands of any size to benefit from personalization based on the same technology that is powering product recommendations on”

Head of Business Development for AI, Amazon – AWS


Amazon is actually the biggest practitioner of Customer Bond Building – we just coined the term.

You will recognize it each time you visit


sales influenced


net sales growth


repeat buyers

*Based on estimates of by McKinsey and Forrester Research

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